Garage Clear out

Today a small group of Barton Players members went down to the village hall to clear out old props and set from our outside garage to give us more space and so we could organise the items we have to make it more accessible.

We first started by emptying out the entire garage and grouping them items into 3 piles, things to take to the tip, things to keep and wood. With our team of hard workers we were able to empty the whole garage is around an hour.

Garage emptied, swept and cobwebs removed
It’s amazing what you can fit into a small space. All our props and set sorted into piles

After we emptied out the garage a few of the workers picked up their tools and began the task of cutting up the bits for the tip and loading up their vehicles to do tip runs. In total they did an impressive 7 tip trips. We were lucky to have the perfect weather for it too.

Cutting things down to size
Loading the cars up to the Max

Adam, Alan, Scott and Chris who turned up to help do a tip run, worked hard to cut all the items up to fit into their vehicles. Meanwhile Rachael, Gill and Ann worked hard to organise and sort out things to keep and take, as well as constantly sweeping the garage. While this was going on Keith used bits of wood to create a storage area for the carpet and boxes in order to utilise the space.

Starting to organise items in the garage
Keith working hard creating storage
Storage unit to utilise space and ensure people don’t trip over the carpet (our Health and Safety guy would be pleased)

Once the storage unit was built and in space, it was time to start organising and moving the items back into the garage. We tried to categorise them so that the items were grouped together logically.

Admiring our work – props for the current show are stored for easy access
Items were getting damaged and you couldn’t move
The garage before the clear out
Garage after the clear out. We now have much more room and space to moved around.
The garage has never looked this empty
You can comfortably fit a group of people in now

We reckon we’ve cleared out 50% of the rubbish in the garage. You wont believe the change! We would like to keep it like it is! I’m sure you’ll agree what a fabulous job our team has done!
A huge thank you to our loyal and hardworking workers;
Keith Bowie
Adam Bowie
Scott Boniface
Alan Baldwin 
Gill George
Ann Holloway 
Chris Radcliffe
Rachael Bowie

Our next venture will be to clear out the inside garage and loft which will be happening after the next show. Lets be pro-active and give ourselves space to breath and store our things more effectively. Once again a massive thank you to all that came along to help and support our group.