Cast Announcement!

After a fantastic evening of Auditions for our April 2019 production of “A Bunch of Amateurs” The Audition Panel are pleased to announce the cast. The standard was so high and we honestly could have cast this show 2 times over!

Jefferson Steel – John Murphy

Dorothy Nettle – Debbie Radcliffe

Jessica Steel – Sophie Bryant

Nigel Dewbury – Harold Liberty

Mary Plunkett – Katie Westwick

Denis Dobbins – George Horn

Lauren Bell – Hayley Bloodworth

Journalists – Gill George, Lesley Jorgensen, Clare Coffey, Chris Radcliffe, Philip Hargreaves and Christine Ayres

Albany’s Head – Philip Hargreaves

Thank you so much for all those who auditioned. We are looking forward to starting rehearsals next week at 7:30pm. I will be approaching those who have offered help backstage and FOH over the next few weeks as I build up my production team.

Your Director, Rachael Bowie